241 scientists appeal to citizens to vote against inequality, intimidation, discrimination

As many a as 241 scientists in an appeal to citizens have said that they should “vote wisely, weighing arguments and evidence critically”, taking into account “our constitutional commitment to scientific temper”, and “against inequality, intimidation, discrimination and unreason.”
Calling the upcoming election “crucial”, they say, it asks for “a re-affirmation of the most fundamental guarantees our Constitution gives us: equal rights to faith or lack thereof; culture; language; association; personal liberty and freedom of expression. These rights, even as they accrue to each of us individually, can only exist if they accrue to all Indian citizens — without partiality or discrimination.”
“To defend these rights”, they say in their appeal, “We must reject those who lynch or assault people, those who discriminate against people because of religion, caste, gender, language or region.” They add, “We must reject those who encourage such practices”, insisting, “We cannot endorse a politics that divides us, creates fears, and marginalises a large fraction of our society — women, dalits, adivasis, religious minorities, the persons with disabilities or the poor.”
Underlining that “diversity is our democracy’s greatest strength”, the appeal says, “An atmosphere in which scientists, activists and rationalists are hounded, harassed, intimidated, censored, jailed, or worse, murdered, is not the future our country deserves.”
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