Post-poll debacle, surging oil prices is Congress' "top" priority

The Congress Working Comittee (CWC), even as unanimously "rejecting" Rahul Gandhi's resignation as party president following the poll debacle, in its list "challenges" India faces has put "the issue of surging oil prices post-sanctions against Iran as also price rise stares us in the face" at the very top.
Then comes the banking sector which is allegedly in "dire straits with uncontrolled and unchecked non-performing assets (NPAs) soaring to nearly Rs 12 lakh crore, over last five years, threatening the very stability of banking operations", followed by "financial viability of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), wherein hard earned savings of the people’s life are invested."
This is followed by "the downturn of economy coupled with lack of private investment and a steep fall in consumption patterns, point towards grave economic slowdown", the "looming job crisis" , the "agrarian crisis", and severe drought "particularly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka".
Pointing out that "institutional integrity, which is the hallmark of our Constitutional democracy, remains under a cloud", CWC lists "social strife and tensions affect large portions of our populace" at the very end.
The CWC resolution says, while it "fully recognises the challenges, the failures and the shortcomings, resulting" in the defeat of the party in 2019 polls, it "recommends" and "request" Gandhi "for a complete overhaul and a detailed restructuring at every level of the party" to overcome these challenges.



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