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Covid jabs: Pretexts cited to justify young, healthy succumbing to heart attacks

By Jay Ihsan  

Truth is stranger than fiction – when dedicated doctors raised the red flag against the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, they were persecuted and their concerns barred from being heard.
These honest doctors unequivocally made it known the Moderna Pfizer vaccines injure the heart and human body. One of them, Dr Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist, has repeatedly issued the clarion call to people to reject these harmful vaccines.
An equally alarmed World Council for Health said the harmful Covid-19 vaccines should be removed from the market and the global inoculation must be stopped.
“In Japan the vaccines were not mandated or made compulsory. The vaccines are not safe or effective enough to mandate them. The day the vaccines go away will be a day of celebration,” Dr Mccullough had lamented during an interview with India’s media outfit, Qvive several months ago.
Meanwhile, the number of people jabbed with the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines died soon after or have developed lifelong disabilities is astounding.
Most governments have systemically assumed liberty by renegading accountability for the deaths and injuries cropping up among those inoculated with these lethal cocktail of vaccines.
Intimidation by the governments played a crucial role in forcing the people to endure long queues for the Covid-19 injections.
Malaysia's then Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin threatened those who had been double-jabbed to take a third shot to avoid having their Covid-19 vaccination status cancelled - a move which resulted in many once again rolling up their sleeve for a booster injection.
The present day Health Minister however is adopting a non-aggressive manner in pushing for Malaysians to volunteer for yet another Covid-19 vaccine, citing the latest coronavirus chaos in China as reason for Malaysians to be safe than sorry.
How did the recent situation in China make its way out given the communist nation’s airtight control over all manner of propaganda? Is history repeating itself, with the unscrupulous powers once again creating false tales of the life and death situation China currently faces?
Nations are apparently mulling over how best to tackle the present scene vis-à-vis the outbreak in China? Should borders be closed, mask wearing be mandated once again and people be banished indoors?
Whilst governments the world over dance to the tunes of globalist elites, no thought is spared as to why these mass produced mRNA shots are either killing many of those who took them, voluntarily or otherwise.
Heart attacks among children, youngsters and athletes have become the “new normal” – dancing, working out at the gymnasium, singing at a sold-out concert or cycling – no activity promises well-being. On the contrary, it has people dropping dead in numbers.
Yet, governments everywhere have embraced the unease that comes with “silence is golden”. This misplaced solidarity has led to a host of excuses being cited to justify why heart attack, myocarditis, cancer, HIV and kidney failure are seeing an unprecedented increase in the young and healthy.
The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) recently reported that some 20,000 cases were detected each year, with the average age of patients at above 40.
Over the past two years, though, new patients have emerged from the late 20s to early 30s age bracket. The two years that NCSM cited revolved between 2020 to 2022 - when mass Covid-19 vaccination was rolled out worldwide.
NCSM also said that more children were being diagnosed with cancer.

End the denial

It is dumbfounding that the governments and health experts continue to mislead the people, citing an array of pretext to justify why the young and healthy in particular are succumbing to heart attacks, cancer or other autoimmune disorders which surface among those Covid-19 injected.
Is it denial, ignorance or a compromise with their profession that has led to health experts creating absurd narratives as to why the Covid-19 injected are dying or suffering serious damage to body and health?
Unprincipled experts are holding sedentary lifestyle, perils of chomping down fast food and absence of fitness as culpable and say these are reasons why many Covid-19 immunised people died or faced adverse effects.
Too bad for these so-called experts as in their haste to whitewash the insidious nature of the Covid-19 jabs, they “forgot” that vaccinated athletes and fitness enthusiasts too had died not long after being inoculated with the mRNA vacccines.
People are troubled by the harm these jabs are doing to their health and are unwilling to take further risks.
Still, health experts remain undeterred in ensuring the anecdotes surrounding the “pandemic” sound convincing.
Zalina Abu Zaid, senior lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) faculty of medicine and health sciences was quoted by MalaysiaNow portal as saying:
"In Malaysia, one in two adults is now overweight or obese.
"Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia's obesity level is high – nearly 50%."
She bemoaned excessive weight as a main factor in contracting chronic illnesses including cancer. The increase in the number of senior citizens has also contributed to the jump in statistics.
Zalina said some factors could still change as they depend on people's lifestyle choices. Non-modifiable cancer risk factors meanwhile include gender, age and genetics.
Zalina also cited studies showing that young people spend more time in front of their computers or phones than they do engaged in physical activity.

Dumping blame on fast food a miserable cop-out

One estimate by Ernst & Young Advisory found that Malaysians spend about 14 hours a day using a digital device, with 87% of that time spent on the internet.
But why blame Malaysians in particular and the people in general when the government had no qualms denying them the right to attend school or exercise in parks and gymnasium during lockdowns?
That Zalina is oblivious to the devastation the nine-month-long lockdown caused where people ended up jobless and were on the verge of starvation is troubling. Were they then in any position to afford access to fast food?
Zalina’s attempt at blaming diets heavy on fast food and processed food containing fat, starch or sugar contribute to weight gain which, in turn, increases the risk of cancer is at best pathetic.
"Scientific evidence shows that glycemic load – increased blood glucose and insulin after eating a meal – is the cause of endometrial cancer.”
Fast food meanwhile is also processed and contains only low levels of micronutrients despite its high energy loads.
Zalina also recommended cutting down on red meat and processed meat, both of which have been found to contain carcinogenic chemicals.
"Our bodies will convert nitrates into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic and increase the risk of cancer," she had said.
Could Zalina muster courage and explain why she made no effort to object the spread of fast food outlets in the country? Does it not give her sleepless nights seeing schools neighbouring fast food joints?
Why was Zalina quiet when former education minister Maszlee Malik claimed credit for landing a fast food restaurant at the doorstep of villagers?
What has Zalina to say when the nation’s current king makes no bones about enjoying the unhealthy fast food? Malaysia’s King Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin has time and again been photographed at a fast or junk food joint and has also treated journalists to the same greasy and fatty processed food.
Zalina’s colleague, Dr Nazihah Mohd Khalid too is humming the same tune urging the elderly, those with comorbidities and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get injected with the second Covid-19 booster.
Dr Nazihah said there was sufficient supply of Covid-19 vaccines.
“The Pfizer vaccine is highly recommended by the Health Ministry,” the Star’s January 5 edition quoted her as saying.
The Health Ministry’s KKMNow portal states that as of January 3, 2023, a total of 16,280,730 people (49.9%) have received their first booster jab and only 2% of the total population (640,539 people) have received their second booster dose.
Did the Health Ministry bother pondering why there are hardly any takers for the Covid-19 boosters?
Given the insidious nature of the Pfizer vaccine, how should Malaysians describe Dr Nazihah’s “Pfizer vaccine is highly recommended by the Health Ministry” claim?
Whatever happened to Dr Nazihah’s allegiance to her medical oath?
Is Dr Nazihah not aware or is feigning ignorance over the deaths and injuries that have resulted in those vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine? How could she dastardly urge pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get the Pfizer injection?
According to a prejudiced Wikipedia, Malaysia is at present ranked third in the number of Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia behind Vietnam and Indonesia and fourth in the number of Covid-19 deaths in Southeast Asia after Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.
Data released by Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) in September 2022 showed that Covid-19 was the leading cause of death in the country last year, overtaking ischaemic heart disease as the principal cause of death during the surge of Malaysia’s epidemic in 2021.
DOSM stated that Covid also contributed to more than half of maternal deaths and killed one in five people under the age of 40.

HIV/AIDS on the rise globally

Then there is UNAIDS revealing that the HIV pandemic is on the rise again – all happening within the coronavirus outbreak from 2021 to 2022 period. Incidental or is it yet another adverse effect from these risky mRNA injections?
Latest data from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) showed that the last two years of Covid-19 saw a rise in the HIV pandemic.
New infections globally dropped a mere 3.6% between 2020 and 2021, the smallest annual decline in new HIV infections since 2016.
Eastern Europe and central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and Latin America – have all seen increases in annual HIV infections over several years.
Whilst in Asia and the Pacific – the world’s most populous region – UNAIDS data now shows new HIV infections are rising where they had been falling.

Singapore’s “kidney tsunami”

Singapore’s National Kidney Foundation (NKF) meanwhile has set the alarm bell off warning of a “kidney tsunami” after witnessing an unprecedented increase in kidney failure cases in Singapore.
The island is witnessing an annual hike in new patients with stage five chronic kidney disease (CKD5) — also called end-stage kidney failure and new patients on dialysis.
Singapore Renal Registry Annual Report 2020 detailed patients no longer comprised those in their 60s and older as 25 to 35 per cent were between the ages of 40 and 59 years.
Diabetes and high blood pressure have been reported as causal factors for the upward climb in renal cases with no semblance made to possible harmful effects resulting from Covid-19 vaccines.
A September 2002 Channel News Asia (CNA) reported that the six people are now diagnosed every day, a three-fold increase from two decades ago. NKF chief executive officer Tim Oei told CNA it received about 100 new dialysis applications per month.
“That is of grave concern that we see must be addressed and we can't keep on providing space, neither can the hospitals cope,” Oei had said adding that Singapore is unable to depend fully on haemodialysis and was aiming at getting patients to opt for peritoneal dialysis.

Truth comes in three stages

In India, prime minister Narendra Modi too has embraced the denial mode and rejected liability in the half a million deaths of Indians who died after being jabbed with the unsafe Covid-19 vaccines.
Instead, Modi was all for having his face taking centrestage on huge advertising blitz including billboards and on the side of passenger planes before going on to claim victory for his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in “fighting” Covid-19 despite 500,000 deaths post Covid-19 vaccination.
Modi's scramble to grab credit for the one billion administered Covid-19 doses was far from welcomed by the people back home. They are livid with the BJP government for hijacking their health just to gain political mileage.
One such angry man, Peter Myaliparampil of southern Kerala, turned to the court to complain about Modi promoting himself as the face of the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination drive.
Did the court emphatise with a disgruntled Myaliparampil? No. The Kerala High Court instead poured scorn on the case, claiming it was politically motivated and fined Myaliparampil 100,000 Indian rupees ($1,322) for wasting its time.
In his petition, Myaliparampil said he had paid for his own vaccine and the image of Modi on his certificate “served no utility or relevance” and would instead risk becoming "a media campaign" for Modi's benefit.
“If the petitioner … is ashamed to see the picture of his prime minister, he can avert his eyes to the bottom side of the vaccine certificate,” the verdict came.
Myaliparampil’s lawyer told the AFP news agency they would appeal against the decision.
The BJP government has steadfastly justified using Modi as the face of the media campaign, with the junior health minister telling parliament in August 2022 that it created awareness about coronavirus prevention.
The incident far from amused detractors who instead challenged Modi to print his face on the death certificates of Covid-19 victims.
Will a brazen Modi take on his opponents and plaster his face on death certificates? Or will he continue to peddle a mala fide account at the expense of both children and adults?
Perhaps Modi and his counterparts the world over could muster courage and accept the epiphany shared by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer that “all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”



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