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CounterView seeks to reflect news in nutshell from sources which can broadly be termed "subaltern", a term coined by eminent Italian anti-fascist politician, theoretician and neo-Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who was in Mussolini’s jail from 1926 to 1935. 
The term “subaltern” has ever since come to mean “history told from below”, focusing on populations which are socially, politically and geographically outside of the hegemonic power structure. 
Recognizing that news of subaltern sections is a neglected feature of the media today, CounterView, associated with the news blog Counterview, aims to fill in this gap in some way. It differs from the so-called mainstream news, which reflects news from established power structures. 
Not supported by any organization, CounterView is a voluntary initiative. Most of the contributions to this site come from voluntary information sent to the site by grassroots activists from across India. Anyone willing to contribute is welcome to write to us.
Our email id: counterview.net@gmail.com
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Withdraw criminal cases against poor during lockdown: Gujarat minority rights leader

As migrants return, Bihar likely to face crisis in child education: RTE Forum convenor

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Gujarat's 73% industries 'not paying' wages, govt must compensate 75% earnings

Restore 700 beds for poor in Ahmedabad's VS Hospital: Representation to PM

Gujarat officials admit, locally-made ventilators are not good enough

Civil hospital condition pathetic, it's as good as dungeon: Gujarat High Court

UP government invokes essential services Act to ban strikes for six months

Advise to 20-yr-old for live-in relationship: Gujarat HC comes to rescue of advocate