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The globalization process has given rise to “deterritorialized” online zones for news and public discussions, shaping an entirely new tradition for discourse. Come to be identified as “blogosphere”, it provides a new form of dialogue by citizens, groups, news professionals, and experts outside the established venues of mainstream media platforms controlled by powerful interests.
Blogosphere is the result of rapid spread of information and communications technology (ICT) across the globe. It is the result of what Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus, the Grameen Bank man from Bangladesh, predicted in an essay, “Poverty Free World: How and When”, way back in early 1990s, “The most attractive aspect of this spread of ICT is that it is not in anyone’s control. Neither government, nor big business, nor anyone of any authority can restrict the flow of information.” 
Yunus further said, “ICT is raising the hope that we are approaching the world which is free from power and knowledge brokers. Each individual’s likes and dislikes count. Individuals will be in command. There will be no screening authority to get to centre-stage.” 
As blogging platform attached with www.counterview.net, www.counterview.in is an attempt to join the blogosphere, support free information from “power and knowledge brokers”. It seeks to highlight views and observations as reflected in non-governmental and alternative quarters. 
Kindly enrich the effort by emailing us to counterview.net@gmail.com
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