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Transition plans of Indian corporates to ensure net zero, will make business sense

A note on  UNFCCC Executive Secretary's address at an exclusive session on India’s Vision for Climate Action: Embracing the Global Perspective organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Chennai: *** “This year, July has been the hottest month in our history. We expect the next year to be hotter with every year, new records being broken. This is going to be the new norm as we tackle how to align the rising temperature and remain within the 1.5-degree Celsius target. We are currently at 1.1 degrees Celsius world with floods, droughts, heat, and vector borne diseases being witnessed every day in many parts of the world. Keeping this in mind, COP 28 to be held in Dubai this year will be the most significant COP since the 2015 Paris Agreement. What makes this exceptional is what we call the global stock take, wherein we would be taking a backward reflection on where we are, our goals, our aspirations, and targets,” said Mr Simon Emmanuel Kervin Stiell, Executive Secretar

Agro-biodiversity through seed identification, conservation, replication, crop selection

By Kuntal Mukherjee, Basant Yadav, Shivnath Yadav* This article is mainly based on a journey of the three of us since 2010 based on field experience, study of different articles, reflective journeys with local community based organisations, villagers and practitioners in Chhattisgarh. The slow growth of Agriculture in India with near stagnation in productivity since mid ‘80s in contrast to the remarkable growth during the green revolution period has come to the front as a great concern. In post WTO era Indian Agriculture has been witnessing structural changes, uncontrolled influx of agriculture goods and commodities from foreign countries due to open market nature. The gradual reduction in subsidies from internal production leads to increasing cost of production of agriculture produces at the farm gate. It causes gradual decrease in internal production as well as productivity and posing threats to small farm and stakeholders. 

Unscaled level of French riots: Semi-fascist violence on working people, Blacks, Arabs

By Harsh Thakor  On June 27 in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, French neo-fascism was resurrected at a full brim. The police killed a 17-year-old teenager called Nahel Merzouk. The incident occurred after Nahel and his two passengers were pulled over by the police near Nanterre-Prefecture train station. One of the officers pointed a gun at Nahel’s head and threatened him—shouting “Hurry up! Or you’ll get a bullet in the head!”—and hit him. Terrified, Nahel took his foot off the brake of his automatic transmission car, which was starting to move forward again.

New tax regime approved by US, IMF: Call to Kenyan masses to intensify struggle

By Harsh Thakor  Kenyan Police killed six protesters and detained over 300 on July 19 in a merciless crackdown on the protests against the US-IMF backed Finance Act 2023. Up to 23 people have perished in the crackdown by the police on the recent protests in Kenya against the new tax regime introduced in the Finance Act 2023, with sanctioning of the US and IMF.

Assam NRC dispute continues: Corruption, money laundering charge against officials

By Nava Thakuria*  As one more first information reports (FIR) was lodged against the corruption and money laundering by concerned officials while updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam and the petitioner, Gitika Bhattacharya, a Guwahati-based social worker, in her complaint at Dispur police station demanded legal actions against the government officials along with the private parties as well as some individuals, it added more dimensions to the controversy.

Hindu community worst victim of vote bank politics: Caste, parochial leaders mushroom

By Sudhansu R Das  India’s largest community, the Hindus are facing many problems which were created by them only. The community is divided and subdivided on the basis caste, sub-caste, language, dialects, regions and sects etc. As a result, the community’s social, economic and cultural growth is badly affected. The community is also divided on the basis of wealth and status; there are divisions within the families. How to address the problems of the community is the biggest challenge before the Hindu leaders.

Visiting racist South Africa in 1982-85, to this cricketer natural talent was above work ethic

By Harsh Thakor  On July 23rd we celebrated the 70th birthday of former English opening batsman and captain, Graham Gooch. Graham Gooch in full flow manifested batting domination, in realms rarely surpassed. He may have lacked the finesse of a David Gower or solidity of Boycott but for sheer counter attacking ability, no English batsmen of his time was as mercurial.

New Rajasthan laws seek to help poor, but does the government have resources?

By Bharat Dogra  Recent steps taken by the government of Rajasthan, one of the better governed states of India, can result in providing much needed relief to the weaker sections ( with rights based longer term commitments added) and hence deserve our high praise and appreciation. 

Rajasthan legislations impressively move from schemes to laws, ensure rights of people

Rights, not revdi: A civil note on media conference on Rajasthan model for social security and social justice: *** The Suchna Evum Rozgar Adhikar Abhiyan (SR Abhiyan) and the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) welcome the progressive legislations passed by the Rajasthan Government this year, in line with its commitment towards guaranteeing comprehensive social security for all in the state. Civil society organizations have been at the forefront of leading public campaigns for the passage of these laws, and consider it a significant development for democracy that the Rajasthan Government has responded to these assertions. These include: Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Act, 2023: The legislation doubles the minimum pension to Rs 1000 per month for all elderly, widowed and disabled, with an inbuilt guaranteed annual increment of 15% per year. The law has an enhanced entitlement of 25 days per rural family for work under MGNREGA, and an entitlement of 125 days of work under an urba

People's unity can defeat divisive agenda to grab Manipur's rich natural resources

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat* The hollowness of the claims of 'mother of democracy' and 'Vishwaguru' are already known to India. To counter every criticism coming from abroad, you make loud noise about 'democracy' and 'institutions' in India but back home you dont have the basic decency to speak to people of a state which is burning.

Objecting to opposition alliance name 'India' against inclusive values of our civilization

By Ram Puniyani*  BJP has been in power for the last nine years. The opposition parties have gradually realized that it is not ruling on the lines of the Constitution and neither for inclusive India which should be based on Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice. BJP has also been using the agencies like ED, CBI as the major tool to weaken the opposition parties apart from its policies which on one hand have given boost to the Crony capitalists, and also has been undermining the democratic freedoms. Its politics is centered on the issues related to identity, Ram Temple, Love Jihad and many other jihads, Cow-Beef and hyper nationalistic postures against one neighbor. Its policies have increased the sufferings of the average and poor sections of society, be it the demonetization. Covid 19 lockdown at short notice or be it the rising unemployment, problems of farmers, increasing atrocities against dalits, Adivasis women and religious minorities. One can go on and on.

Election Commission must intervene: Naming Opposition alliance 'India' unacceptable

By NS Venkataraman  The recently concluded meeting of some opposition parties in Bangalore to jointly put their efforts to defeat the Prime Minister Modi in 2024 election, has named their group as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, which can otherwise be referred as “INDIA” in short. This nomenclature has caused considerable surprise and anxiety amongst the discerning people.

Liberation activist who clearly understood how Africans were colonized, miseducated

By Harsh Thakor  On the night of July 6, revolutionary and former political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur succumbed at age of 72. His name will permanently carve a niche amongst Black American activists, and will be written in letters of gold. After languishing for 37 years in prison following the merciless suppression of the Black liberation movement of the 1960s and 70s, he was only freed in December 2022 on basis of doctors diagnosing his terminal bone cancer.Shakur had been living with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that can damage the bones and kidneys.

MNCs, collaborators trying to spread GM crops to gain control over world food system

By Bharat Dogra  As the issues of food safety and health hazards are extremely important, many people are very keen to know the reality of GM (genetically modified) crops but they feel confused by the fact that while on the one hand many scientific papers warn about the very serious risks of these crops, other papers associate these crops with several virtues.

Lebanese resistance struggler's deportation from Europe is attack on human rights

By Harsh Thakor  Democratic forces should unconditionally or in no uncertain terms condemn the Greek government and European Union’s denial of entry to Soha Bechara , the Lebanese resistance struggler, former political prisoner and Communist activist.

News of mob’s sexual violence in Manipur delayed due to BJP blocking internet access

Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) statement condemning horrific attacks on Kuki-Zomi women in Manipur *** The Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) has strongly condemned the vicious sexual violence against Kuki women which transpired on May 4 in India’s northeastern state of Manipur. As part of a broader unfolding conflict between Meiteis and Kuki-Zomi tribals which has left an estimated 130 dead and 35,000 displaced, enraged mobs of Meitei men forced several Kuki women to take off their clothes, then proceeded to gangrape a 21-year-old woman, and murder her brother. The attack was captured on video, and went viral on social media platforms earlier this week.

Hours after 6 inch rains, 3000 people of this Ahmedadbad society remained stranded

Living in Vejalpur in Ahmedabad is a nightmate for middle classes during monsoon. The society where I live, Shrinandnagar Part 2, houses about 3000 people and has nearly 650 flats. It is society where an elected BJP corporator also lives.

Brazil's Lula govt welcomes exploitation, plunder of vast natural resources, people

By Harsh Thakor  Today the Lula led government in Brazil wearing the mask of Socialism or disguising itself as a champion of the poor peasantry, is patronising the big landowners and jumping to the bandwagon of the Imperialists. A Nova Democracia (New Democracy) has done intensive and accurate investigation into the true character of President Lula or his reforms.

Forest conservation amendments to divert land for industrial, mining, commercial use

By Bharat Dogra  The recent debate on amendment of forest conservation law has seen the emergence of very relevant objections, and interests of environment protection as well as democracy demand that now the government should give adequate attention and importance to these objections. The advantages which a democracy provides in terms of the possibilities of corrective actions can be properly realized only if the government remains open till the end to examining the objections on their merit and then making the due changes on the basis of this.

Artificial intelligence could be catastrophic for society, might replace humans altogether

By YS Gill  Unlike the industrial revolution or the scientific & technological revolution, it is for the first time in human history that technology is not only taking over the production process but would also be usurping the decision-making process. It will completely replaces human control at all stages of production. 

Lack of policy commitment: World Population Day this year has gone unnoticed in India

By NS Venkataraman*  World population day is observed on 11th July. However, it has largely gone unnoticed in India, even though India has now emerged as the most populated country in the world out beating China. The population issue in India is a serious matter since population continues to increase, even though at a slightly lower rate in terms of percentage than in the past.

Shocking video of parading two women naked on Manipur streets suggests police apathy

Joint women's organisations' statement on Manipur violence and the outrageous assault on women: *** We, the undersigned women's organisations and concerned individuals, are outraged at the brutality on the one hand and the impunity and brazenness of the perpetrators of the crime against women in Manipur. In a very disturbing manner, mobile recorded videos have surfaced on social media where a group of men have been seen parading two women naked on the streets. It is very shocking that these videos were not only recorded but also posted on digital platforms revealing the identity of these women. It violates the dignity and rights of the survivors.

Waging war against civil society: 152 Andhra-Telangana activists named in bogus UAPA case

A Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) note following a press conference at the Press Club of India: *** Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) held a press conference titled “Indian Democracy and Suppression of Democratic Voices" on 19th July at Press Club of India. The program discussed on the suppression of democratic voices using suppressive laws in the light of Tadwai case, where 152 activists of Andhra-Telangana were named in a bogus UAPA case, relating prominent civil rights activists including Prof G. Haragopal and even the late High Court judge H. Suresh, based on an alleged recovery of a diary, belonging to Maoists in a combing operation.

Colin Cowdrey: a cheerful master who radiated pleasure while accumulating runs

By Harsh Thakor  Colin Cowdrey ranks amongst the most complete batsmen in the history of cricket. On his day few batsmen ever negotiated great pace bowling with such contemptuous ease or conviction. In full flow he was galleon in full sail. Cowdrey was medley of perfect technical skill with outstanding natural ability like a technician and musician blended into one. He was an epitome of cricket’s grace and sportsmanship. Few were ever more gentle, polite and friendly.

Delhi floods: Action Aid assessed magnitude of damage, offered crucial intervention

ActionAid Association (AAA) note on providing emergency relief to communities battered by recent floods in Delhi, elsewhere: *** Northern India was battered by heavy rains over the past two weeks, with New Delhi marking its wettest day on July 9th, 2023 in more than 40 years according to officials and local media. Torrential rains across the region have caused landslides and flash floods, and killed at least 41 people according to estimates - including 3 children who have drowned in New Delhi - though the real figure could be more.

Bangladesh’s impressive economic growth is crucial for India’s North East region

By IMPRI Team  The Rise of Bangladesh and its Implications for India’s North East session was organised by #IMPRI Centre for International Relation and Strategic Studies (CIRSS) , IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi on the 15th of June, 2023. The session was inaugurated by Jiyan Roytalukdar, a researcher at IMPRI, who welcomed the speakers and participants to the program with an introduction of distinguished panelists.

Constitution has given us what we could not get in 5000 years of our civilization

By Dr. Gunamani Sunani  The Constitution can be said as the will of the people choosing their strong sense of destiny and ambition. The opening words of the constitution of India, set out in the preamble begin with “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic, and political,

Reduced rainfall during El Niño events: Need to plant drought-resistant crops

By Kuntal Mukherjee*  "El Niño," which is a climate pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean. El Niño is characterized by the warming of sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific, which can have significant impacts on weather patterns around the world.

Hiramani Munda has been convicted with life imprisonment with fabricated charges

By Harsh Thakor*  Hiramani Munda (Asha Di), a tribal rights leader, has been convicted with life imprisonment in the NIA and ATS Special Court, Lucknow, under different sections of UAPA and sections 120B, 121, 121A of IPC. There is a strong view that Asha Di has been fabricated with charges of sedition. Aged 53, she integrated herself with the democratic and left movement from her very youth.

In NFHS-5 survey 57% of women, 67% children suffer from anaemia: Why remove indicator?

All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) statement on Removal of Anaemia from Survey Indicators of National Family Health Survey-6 (NFHS- 6): *** The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) expresses deep concern about the removal of anaemia from the survey indicators of NFHS- 6 by the BJP Government. The previous NFHS -5 survey had revealed that over 57% of women and over 67% of children suffer from anaemia in our country. Prevalence of anaemia to such an extent cannot be dismissed as a mild problem or an isolated occurrence. 

Gender equality claims under UCC a disguised attempt to implement majoritarianism

NFGIO's stand on uniform civil code: UCC threatens national unity: *** National Federation of GIO on 14th July submitted a response letter to the Law Commission of India, regarding the public notice issued by the 22nd Law Commission, soliciting views and ideas on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). NFGIO examined how the implementation of UCC will affect diverse minorities and marginalized communities in India and indicated that gender justice can be achieved within the existing personal laws, and imposing a uniform code may inadvertently harm women's rights. UCC threatens the freedom to observe religious identity and practices, abolishing gender-specific protection guaranteed under various personal laws. 

Modi’s call for UCC an opportunity to fish in troubled waters for narrow partisan ends

By Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi*  The recent Uniform Civil Code (UCC) initiative by the Indian PM Narendra Modi has again engendered a clear polarization of almost the entire Muslim community in the country on grounds of interference into their personal laws governed by religious texts and its different interpretations. For them it (the UCC) also violates their long held and so practiced distinct way of life style and religious faith and the related common practices pertaining to marriage, divorce, succession, minority rights etc.

Make in India, Operation Ganga, Yoga: India using G20 presidency for brand building

By IMPRI Team  A three-day online certificate training course on India’s G20 Presidency and Contours of Indian Foreign Policy was organized by #IMPRI Centre for International Relation and Strategic Studies (CIRSS) , IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi on 14th, 15th, and 16th March 2023. Inaugurating the session Mr Aashwash Mahanta, a researcher at IMPRI, welcomed the speakers and participants to the program with an introduction to the eminent panellists. 

Space for philosophy and metaphysics in order to address the scourge of terrorism

By Prof Sudhanshu Tripathi*  Does ancient Indian approach towards violence (sic terror) is esoteric and metaphysical? Yes it sounds so; but to say that these are futile is something ignoring the reality. As we know that this mundane world and human beings therein are the beautiful mix of the two – temporal and metaphysical, or matter and idea, just like as human body consists of soul and body. Without body, the soul is indeed worthless and vice-versa. In fact, both matter and idea are complementary and supplementary to each other. How can the existence of soul be negated just due to lack of scientific and verifiable knowledge to comprehend it? May be in future, we become capable enough to understand all those unknown phenomena that are today unverifiable and hence useless. Obviously any knowledge, in order to be complete and worthy to serve the humanity, needs this harmonious mix of both idea and matter.

Digitisation: At G20 only 'good' things get articulated, not privacy, exclusion, fraud

Note on book release event on 'India and the G20: Legacy & Prospects for Multilateralism amidst a Polycrisis' at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi: *** India’s G20 Presidency is occurring at a crucial moment in the history of the world economy; as such it is important to ask what India’s role would be sitting on this high table. The book India and the G20: Legacy & Prospects for Multilateralism amidst a Polycrisis (Yoda Press) edited by Sonal Raghuvanshi, was launched by Prof. Prabhat Patnaik (Former Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University), Dr. Usha Ramanathan (Senior Lawyer and Activist), and Siddharth Varadrajan (Founding Editor, The Wire) at an event at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi.

Important book for shaping discourse in media organisations in post-truth world

By IMPRI Team  An enlightening and insightful book discussion on Politics, Ethics, and Emotions in New India written by Dr Ajay Gudavarthy was organized by the Center for Human Dignity and Development, IMPRI as a part of the IMPRI #WebPolicy talk series on 9th May 2023. The session was chaired by Ms Chinki Sinha, author and editor at Outlook India. The book discussion was presided by the distinguished panelists, Dr Ajay Gudavarthy, author of the book and an Associate Professor at the Centre for Political Studies, JNU; Mr Tushar Gandhi, president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation; Dr Hilal Ahmed, Associate professor, Center for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi; Mr Shubham Sharma, PhD scholar, University of Connecticut.

Need for extreme caution to avoid any further or rapid aggravation of flood situation

By Bharat Dogra  The situation in mid-July in India and more particularly in North India suggests need for extreme caution to avoid any further or rapid aggravation of the flood situation. At rather an early stage of the monsoon season, excessive floods have taken place in Delhi and neighboring parts as well as in the upper Himalayan catchment areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. What is more, more heavy rain has been forecast for several Himalayan and other hilly parts of the country for the next week and this can mean an increase of flood and landslide problems for not just the hill areas but also for the plains below them which are more densely populated.

Dismissed as basket case in 1971 by Henry Kissinger, Bangladesh now a rising star

By Mashrur Siddique Bhuiyan*  Bangladesh, which was notoriously dismissed as a "basket case" in 1971 by Henry Kissinger, national security adviser to U.S. President Richard Nixon, shortly after the nation was formed as a result of a violent war of independence with Pakistan, has more recently shed that moniker. A seminar titled ‘Cooperation between the European Union and Bangladesh and opportunities for Bangladesh’s economy’ took place in Brussels, Belgium. The seminar was hosted at Brussels Press Club on July 2, 2023.

World must acknowledge 1971 Bangladesh genocide, declare March 25 as Genocide Day

By Animesh Paul* Recently the European Parliament organized an event titled 'The Forgotten Genocide: Bangladesh 1971'. The event was organized to convey the message that the atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan Army and its local allies 52 years ago cannot be ignored in any way. Undeniably, the Bangladesh genocide was one of the worst such events in human history. 

Delhi floods: Authorities ignored wider issues of ecologically protective development

By Bharat Dogra  Several parts of India including the capital Delhi are in the middle of above normal floods. This has happened at a very early stage of the monsoon rains and there is need for a lot of caution at this stage itself as the capacity of land, natural water sources and dams to handle floods, which has been eroded badly over the years due to avoidable and controllable factors, has come under too much pressure at an early stage of the monsoons this year in many important urban as well as rural areas.

Successful adoption of AI could add up to 1.4% points annually to GDP growth of India

Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad and Boston Consulting Group note on their joint study ‘AI in India – A Strategic Necessity’: *** The Brij Disa Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CDSA) at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), a premier global management Institute and BCG X, the AI, and Digital Transformation unit of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have collaborated to release a comprehensive report titled "AI in India - A Strategic Necessity" on the AI readiness levels of Indian businesses.

Is international consultancy required for Tamil Nadu public sector undertakings?

By NS Venkataraman*  It is reported that that Government of Tamil Nadu’s has appointed an international consultancy firm to study the state of public sector undertakings in Tamil Nadu and submit it’s report with recommendations and action plans to restore the health of public sector units in the state. The consultancy firm has been given a period of two years to study the details and submit it’s report. It is not clear what is the remuneration that would be paid to the consultant for the assignment.

Few Bollywood actors possessed Sanjeev Kumar's subtle detachment and sensitivity

By Harsh Thakor  On 9th July, we celebrated the 85th birthday of legendary Hindi film actor, Sanjeev Kumar., known as Haribhai Jariwala. Sanjeev Kumar penetrated zones of versatility or acting craft, almost unparalleled in Hindi cinema. He was one one the very few who touched horizons of true genius, transcending regions in acting virtually unexplored. Rarely did any artist get stuck as thickly into the skin of the character. The diversity of expressions in his moves reminded one of the different water colours of a painting. Sanjeev manifested the ventures of an artist to tap the regions unexplored. He simply defied all conventions of Bollywood, making path breaking experiments.

CM washing Rawat's feet: BJP politics to win over Adivasis electorally, Hinduise them

By Ram Puniyani*  On this 6th July Pravesh Shula, a BJP worker, urinated on an Adivasi boy. Shukla is a close associate of Kedarnath Shukla, the MLA of the area. When Pravesh was peeing; his friend Deep Narayan Sahu was videotaping the whole incident. The person on whom Shukla; out of fear kept quiet, but as the video of the incident surfaced, MP CM Shivraj Chauahan claimed that Dasmath Rawat was the victim. Dasmat denied that. Still he was called by CM to his house.

Congratulations to Ambedkarites, others who stood with anti-caste bill in California

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat *  The caste discrimination bill SB 403 is finally approved and passed in California. It was passed by the Californian Senate and now the judiciary too has passed it unanimously. All efforts by the self-proclaimed champions of Hinduism fell flat as they tried to project as if there is no caste system in our society and everything was imported. Shamelessness of such people is that despite living in the Western world for decades, they have not been able to assimilate there and have no love for the modern, liberal democratic values that the individual enjoy there. They despite these liberal values and provide support to most regressive forces back home who want women to remain subjugated to their families and people believe in caste system.

Importance of tree plantation, forestry in Islam in the light of Al Quran and Hadith

By Dr. Ibrahim Islam Humans, the best creatures of creation, and animals are closely related to the life of the tree. Trees or plants are essential for the survival of every animal. Plants provide oxygen to animals. And it takes in the toxic carbon-dioxide that is released by humans. We live by taking the oxygen given by God Allah. The amount of oxygen released by a 100 feet tree can easily support 8 people. A tree absorbs about 13 kg of carbon-dioxide in a year. If the tree is big then the amount of carbon dioxide is higher in the morning. That is why you should not sleep under big trees at night. It made it difficult to breathe last night. Actually, it is due to carbon dioxide.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics or ascendancy of capitalism in China?

By Harsh Thakor  Today even under Xi Jinpeng professing ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’, China is masking itself as a Socialist state or disguising it’s capitalist nature. No doubt, it is a more progressive state or economy than other third world countries, with the state administering the market economy, and citizens enjoying more benefits in all spheres of life.Post-1978 the Chinese State completely undid or reversed the policies from 1949-1978.All positive features o China today had their seeds planted in the steps taken in the Maoist era. Since 1978.China reverted all the Socialist methods, like dismantling the communes an promoting profit oriented production by inviting American Special Economic Zones.

Big awards in the name of environment when community rights were trampled upon

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat*  I was fairly impressed while interacting with the group of people that had gathered to hear my presentation "Challenges of the river valley civilisation of Uttarakhand & its user communities" at the Doon Library and Research Centre, Dehradun on Wednesday, 28 June.

Suitable policy perspectives on environment, energy: Bureaucrats, politicians hesitant

By Shankar Sharma*  Two news items below indicate how late or hesitant our bureaucrats and political leaders in arriving at suitable policy perspectives on energy and environment, despise multiple recommendations from around the world since many years. The small consolation is that they may have realised the folly of their continued policy on BAU scenario, although incalculable damages have already been heaped on our environment, and hence on our people.

Unfolding into coup d’état? Not-so-discreet US campaign to pressure Brazil’s foreign policy

By Pedro Marin  The respected London newspaper Financial Times ran with the following headline last week: “The discreet U.S. campaign to defend Brazil’s election.” The report , written by Michael Stott, Michael Pooler and Bryan Harris, deals with a “pressure campaign” carried out by U.S. officials throughout 2022, in order to prevent the thesis of fraud in the 2022 Brazilian elections from unfolding into a coup d’état.

Failing to get people's support, Wagner group or Prigozhin pose no direct threat to Putin

By Harsh Thakor  In recent weeks, a coup d’état in Russia staged by Yevgeny Prigozhin caused tremors all over the world. There appears nothing left of either the western aspirations of an ‘End of Putin’, nor the advances of some of the Russian authorities. The event was no real coup and it was never designed as such. What happened was a manifestation of a necessary struggle for Russian imperialism on the question of who leads the armed forces of Russia and of the establishment of a sole high command.