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A lot of information, providing perspectives from alternative sources, virtually lies idle in the labyrinths of the academic world, civil society and experts. It has often found to remain scattered, often disaggregated or difficult to access. CounterView, in its own humble way, seeks to serve as a gateway to such information -- published and unpublished articles, features and papers.
An open source platform, CounterView aims is to help readers to actively collate and exchange information, new and old, from people working in different fields in order to take an overview of critical issues facing society. It seeks to provide background material, analysis and studies on subjects ranging from economy, society and environment to culture, class and caste.
Not claiming to be a one-stop shop, CounterView complements the news and views current affairs site, Counterview. Of interest to activists, policy makers and analysts, 
CounterView publishes feature articles, opinion pieces, reports and documents. It believes that information must be accessible and freely shared among thinking individuals in order to help trigger societal changes. 
Note: Whenever content is reproduced, in part or in full, whether owned or controlled by other organisations or institutions, sent to CounterView for publication, we identify the source. 
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Food Bills open doors for global merchants of grain, their Indian corporate partners

Reproduced below is well-known environmentalist and scholar Dr Vandana Shiva's  unpublished briefing paper “Protecting the Rights of Small Farmers (our anna datas), the Right to Food of All Citizens to Create a Food Sovereign, Food Self-Reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat)” on the potential impact of the dismantling of India’s food sovereignty and food security regulatory and legal infrastructure framework through three food and farming Bills. The paper has been distributed by JanVikalp:  ***

Dossier on RSS explains: Saffron organization is modelled on German, Italian fascism

Reproduced below is a dossier, running into five parts, on RSS, solely based on its archives, penned by former Delhi University professor Shamsul Islam, for the “benefit of civil society, political parties, intellectuals, and all those who are concerned about the rise of the terrorist/fascist organizations:  ***

Dataism threat: Highly intelligent algorithm knows us better than we do ourselves

RB Sreekumar, former Director-General of Police, Gujarat, reviews the book “Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow” (2015), authored by Prof Yuval Noah Harari, published by Harper Collins: ***   Reputed historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee authored “The Study of History” analysing the causative factors behind rise and fall of civilisations for formulating ‘lessons of history’. Later futurologist Alvin Toffler wrote 3 books narrating the impact of science and technology on all facets of human activity. These are, “Third Wave”, “Future Shock” and “Power Shift”.