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CounterView seeks to reflect news from sources which are broadly "subaltern", a term coined by eminent Italian anti-fascist politician, theoretician and neo-Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who was in Mussolini’s jail from 1926 to 1935. 
The term “subaltern” has ever since come to mean “history told from below”, focusing on populations which are socially, politically and geographically outside of the hegemonic power structure. 
Recognizing that news of subaltern sections is a neglected feature of the media today, CounterView
aims to fill in this gap in some way. It differs from the so-called mainstream news, which reflects news from established power structures. 

Not supported by any organization, CounterView is a voluntary initiative. Most of the contributions to this site come from voluntary information sent to the site by grassroots activists from across India. Anyone willing to contribute is welcome to write to us.
Our email id: counterview.in@gmail.com
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Dalit youth tied to tree, beaten up till he became unconscious; time to protest: Jignesh Mevani

Discriminatory to take back cases against Patidar quota agitators: Dalit rights body

Cow vigilantes in Ahmedabad attack two persons taking buffaloes in truck, stab one

Dalit housing societies in Ahmedabad "fraudulently" taken away by non-Dalits: Activist writes to Gujarat CM

Appoint only SC-ST lawyers to fight anti-atrocity cases: Dalit rights body write to Gujarat CM

RBI survey: Consumer confidence on jobs, economic situation deteriorates

Bullet train project ignores environmental, social impact: Gujarat environmentalists tell JICA

Vacancies in CIC, 26,000 backlog: Supreme Court seeks status report from GoI

Rally in Patna: Non-farmer bodies to highlight plight of agriculture in Eastern India ahead of march to Parliament

Call to "enjoy" pilgrimage of Sabarmati beyond Ahmedabad, where river water turns black