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How exactly EVMs were hacked in Gujarat to get BJP elected? EVM machine has firmware inside the hardware...

EVM-bluetooth mystery: What happened in Porbandar? How did BJP get 210 votes each in Memanwada's 3 polling booths?

"Abuse" of power by Chief Justice is destroying Supreme Court's image, subverting the course of justice

Thanks Ambrose! It is not easy to live against the stream. You have shown that it should and can be done

Financial inclusion? Merely opening physical accounts in banks as flag posts of financial identity won’t help

Attack on Bhima Koregaon: As 2019 polls approach, BJP/RSS will seek to polarize people on caste, communal lines, create civil strife

Challenging compacts: Towards a more effective, practical engagement with migrants and refugees

Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital: America has failed to understand that new multipolar world is emerging

Facebook reaction to question on impact of 'privatization and saffronization’ on higher education is politically motivated

Electoral bonds will help ruling political party consolidate its position at the cost of the citizens of this country

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