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US, Canada, Australia, Europe should realise: Migrant bomb is now there to stay

By NS Venkataraman* 

It is reported that United Kingdom had high level of knife related crimes with 50,489 knife related incidents reported in the year ending March,2022. In United Kingdom, there was 7% increase in the number of knife related threats to kill over the year 2021. These days, the shootings in malls, schools and other busy places in USA are reported frequently , injuring and killing innocent people. There was huge violence in France a few weeks back, when an African had to be shot down by the police due to violation of traffic rule. In Canada too, shootings in public places are often reported. Conditions in Australia seem to be no better.
Many discerning observers think that such violent conditions and unrest are happening in the above counties , due to large influx of migrant population legally or illegally and tolerant attitude of these democratic countries towards the migrants, viewing the problems of migrants as a humanitarian issue.
Any number of US cities are now struggling to contain a crisis of homelessness amongst migrants, with many people languishing on side walks and camping out in flattened cardboard boxes day in and day out. What happens when a country that is obligated to provide shelter for everyone runs out of shelters due to the huge influx of migrant population. It is reported that New York city is struggling under the weight of nearly 1,00,000 migrants who have arrived . More than 56 ,000 migrants still remain in New York city shelters.
Obviously, the migrants flock to the above countries, as these countries are rich and affluent and under populated with democratic system of governance , where migrants can reasonably expect kind and tolerant treatment. However, over the years, in the above regions , resentment against the migrants are increasingly seen amongst the local native population, causing social stress and hate feelings.
It is high time that the governments in USA, Canada Europe and Australia should put their heads together and look into the scenario with care and decide on a pragmatic migrant policy. Otherwise, the massive entry of migrants would undermine the demographic structure and even destabilize the governance to a considerable extent in the coming years.
The question is whether the above countries should view the entry of migrants as merely a humanitarian issue , even though it is known that most of the migrants have no particular skill or reasonable education leve,are tradition bound and some of them could even be bad characters or even political rebels running away from the native countries to organize a separatist movement elsewhere.
The fact is that Canada, Australia and USA need skilled people to keep their economic and industrial growth forging ahead. They also need unskilled or semi skilled people from other countries to undertake lowly jobs.
While these countries certainly identify the persons from abroad seeking entry with care and selectively give them permission , they are unable to checkmate the entry of what is known as illegal migrants in any effective way. There are many instances , where the illegal migrants get themselves legalized after some years of stay. The grim fact is that these migrants once they enter never go back.
By providing such entry for migrants , these countries also pose problems for other countries . Some of the migrants use the base of the country to which they migrate, to organize separatist movement and hate campaign in some other countries to which they originally belong. It is known that Khalistan movement in Canada, Australia and Europe are now organised by the migrants from India who want to split India. These people enjoy freedom to do so.
It is also known that huge internal strife and civil war happened in Sri Lanka, mainly because the rebel group in Sri Lanka namely LTTE operated with a base in Canada and a few other countries to guide and launch the rebellion in Sri Lanka.
The governments in USA, Canada Australia and Europe should realise that the migrant bomb is now there to stay in their soil. Religious fanaticism due to entry of migrants and migrant population multiplying in number is becoming a live threat for the long term stability of these countries .
It appears that enough damage has already been done to the social stability in these regions and it remains to be seen how these countries would extricate themselves from the threat of this migrant bomb. If not checked, these countries would become permanent trouble spot for long time to come.
Trustee, Nandini Voice For The Deprived, Chennai



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