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Significance of Bangabandhu Tunnel in Bangladesh’s ongoing development process

By Anup Sinha* 

On October 28, Bangabandhu Tunnel, a modern transportation system of great national pride, opened. It's more than a tunnel – it's a symbol of patriotism and national pride. Thank Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu's daughter, for building this dream tunnel. His unshakable passion, fearlessness, and relentless growth attitude gave the country the most modern tunnel beneath the Karnaphuli river. This tunnel represents competence and confidence. 
The Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the President of China laid the foundation stone for this tunnel, the first in Bangladesh and the longest in South Asia beneath the river, on October 14, 2016. The Bangabandhu Tunnel was launched by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on February 24, 2019.
This is another communication system milestone. Bangladesh built the first river tunnel in South Asia. The Indian land tunnels are beneath the river. Still no tunnel. The 'Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel' was built after the Padma Bridge due to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's courageous and imaginative initiative.
China's biggest and most populated city is Shanghai. The Huangpu River, a Changjiang River tributary, split Shanghai. Tunnels beneath the river link the banks. The world now calls Shanghai 'One City Two Towns'. Shanghai is the world's biggest and busiest seaport. Port. Bangladesh's largest marine port is Chittagong. River Karnaphuli separated Chittagong like Shanghai. Dream tunnel created around Karnaphuli river to construct 'One City Two Town' like Shanghai.
This tunnel also benefits government governance. If there is no human-loving public welfare-oriented good ruler, effective administration is impossible. The dreamer is the daughter of the Father of the Nation. Its opening is a joyful and exciting event. Nationwide laughter day.
Development philosophy aims to maximise human wellbeing. The government is proud of the Bangabandhu Tunnel. The tunnel will link the riverbanks as in Shanghai, China. Tunnel length is 3.32 kilometres. The tunnel lies 18–31 metres below the river. Passing will take 3–3.5 minutes. Cars may reach 80 km/h in the tunnel. Bangabandhu Tunnel would cut Cox's Bazar-Chittagong route by 40 kilometres. Cox's Bazar and South Chittagong cars may bypass Chittagong and go across the nation to Dhaka via the tunnel. Traffic in Chittagong will decrease significantly. Domestic and international investors are building coal-based thermal power plants and LNG stations in Matarbari, Maheshkhali upazila, Cox's Bazar. The tunnel will boost foreign investment and significant development projects.
Once operational, the tunnel will become 'two cities in one city' and a corridor beneath the Karnaphuli river, say communications specialists. If the Bangabandhu Tunnel is opened, the economic revolution, South Chittagong industries, and the projected industrial region would speed up deep-sea port activities. All of Chittagong-Cox's Bazar-Teknaf-Saint Martin-Mountain tourism will revolve on the tunnel. The hope of substantial change in different activities, including job creation and poverty eradication, will be huge. Economists believe the Bangabandhu Tunnel will boost GDP. Overall, the Bangabandhu Tunnel represents Bangladesh's wealthy future.
A bridge to South Chittagong has long been needed. Karnaphuli tunnel construction is justified by location. The tunnel was built near the mouth of Bangladesh's driest river, Karnaphuli. Since the other three bridges are upstream in the Karnaphuli river, water velocity is modest. However, the estuary has tremendous velocity. Experts said heavy river currents destroyed bridge supports. A bridge erected in the Karnaphuli river estuary is risky because the water may move dirt from beneath the supports. Bridge siltation also occurs. River navigability was lost owing to buildup. Chittagong port, Bangladesh's principal seaport, was threatened then. Tunnels instead of bridges were used to address future difficulties.
In a 2008 election public meeting in Chittagong's Laldighi Maidan, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina vowed to construct a tunnel. She started building the tunnel after taking control. Additionally, during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's June 2014 visit to China, Bangladesh requested a tunnel beneath the Karnaphuli River. - China An MOU was struck. In October 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping opened the project in Bangladesh. November 2017 saw a loan from China's Exim Bank. On February 24, 2019, Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina launched the tunnel's primary work. The 9.3-kilometre tunnel is 3.5 km beneath the river. Two tubes are placed at 36-108 feet deep. Traffic will flow in four lanes at 18–31 metres. The Bangladeshi government will pay 40% of the project's cost, while Exim Bank of China would finance 60%.
The present government has a Chittagong master plan. Plans are for building a tunnel in Chittagong to provide a modern, continuous communication infrastructure. This tube will boost Chittagong's communication infrastructure. Eastern and western ends are connected, therefore travel time and money are taken. It will be affordable. Eastern industrial commodities may be easily transported to Chittagong port, airport, and other areas. The tourist hub of Cox's Bazar, highland Bandarban, and South Chittagong make countrywide travel easy. Visit Cox's Bazar and South Chittagong from Dhaka or elsewhere. Port city entry unnecessary. Three bridges, including Shah Amanat Bridge on the Karnaphuli River, must be crossed. Since the tunnel lies outside Chittagong, traffic will be much lighter. Through the tunnel, the Chittagong Bypass arrives fast.
The southeast Anwara tunnel outlet is linked to the National Highway Road-1 via Patia to Cox's Bazar. Chittagong will be 35-40 km closer if another route is extended to Cox's Bazar via Banskhali-Pekua-Chakria. The tunnel makes it easy to utilise the airport and port, which are 3 km and 15 km from Patenga. The maritime road from Mirsrai, Chittagong, to Cox's Bazar is being built. been made.
The government wants Chittagong to be a global commerce centre. No alternative exists to a regionally built continuous communication infrastructure. This need communication infrastructure initially. To convey commodities, reduce the distance between critical economic corridors. Bangabandhu Tunnel Port It will help economic zones maintain airport-zone contact. India-Nepal-Bhutan can swiftly move commodities from Chittagong port to their nations. Matarbari deep sea port, power station, LMG terminal, LGP terminal, oil terminal, gas transmission, single point mooring project, oil refinery, energy and food storage, tourism, and better contact with Korea and China Economic Zone are under development.
Tourism would benefit greatly from Bangabandhu Tunnel. Patenga Beach and Anwara Parking Beach will draw visitors. Due to the tunnel, Patenga to Anwara will take 20–30 minutes instead of 4 hours. Faujdarhat-Patenga tourism centres would surround Marine Drive and Tunnel. Additionally, Sonadia Eco Tourism Park in Cox's Bazar, Shabrang Tourism, and Naf Tourism in Teknaf will grow.
A sophisticated smart communication system connecting Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox's Bazar will be established via the tunnel. Connecting to the Asian Highway would simplify Myanmar-Bangladesh-India commodities transportation connectivity. Industrialization will produce vast jobs. The nation will prosper socioeconomically and eradicate poverty. Economy Massive expansion will impact the country's economy.
As the adage goes, dreams need guts. All of Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina's aspirations are coming true. After Padma Bridge, Metro Rail, Elevated Motorway, Bangabandhu Tunnel, connectivity system expanded. Sheikh Hasina extended possibilities. The tunnel represents Bangladesh's pride and self-esteem.
*Security and strategic affairs researcher, freelance columnist



हिंदी आलोचना जैसे पिछड़ चुके अनुशासन की जगह हिंदी वैचारिकी का विकास जरूरी

- प्रमोद रंजन*   भारतीय राजनीति में सांप्रदायिक व प्रतिक्रियावादी ताकतों को सत्ता तक पहुंचाने में हिंदी पट्टी का सबसे बड़ा योगदान है। इसका मुख्य कारण हिंदी-पट्टी में कार्यरत समाजवादी व जनपक्षधर हिरावल दस्ते का विचारहीन, अनैतिक और  प्रतिक्रियावादी होते जाना है। अगर हम उपरोक्त बातों को स्वीकार करते हैं, तो कुछ रोचक निष्कर्ष निकलते हैं। हिंदी-जनता और उसके हिरावल दस्ते को विचारहीन और प्रतिक्रियावादी बनने से रोकने की मुख्य ज़िम्मेदारी किसकी थी?

ગુજરાતના સ્થાપના દિવસે યાદ કરીએ ભારતના વિશ્વપ્રસિદ્ધ ગુજરાતી પુરાતત્વવિદ્ ને

- ગૌરાંગ જાની*  આજે કોઈ ગુજરાતી એ કલ્પના પણ ન કરી શકે કે વર્ષ ૧૮૩૯ માં જૂનાગઢમાં જન્મેલા એક ગુજરાતી વિશ્વ પ્રસિદ્ધ બની શકે! પણ આપણે એ ગુજરાતીને કદાચ વિસરી ગયા છીએ જેમણે ગિરનારના અશોક શિલાલેખને દોઢસો વર્ષ પૂર્વે ઉકેલી આપ્યો.આ વિદ્વાન એટલે ભગવાનલાલ ઈન્દ્રજી. ૭ નવેમ્બર, ૧૮૩૯ ના દિવસે જૂનાગઢના પ્રશ્નોરા નાગર બ્રાહ્મણ પરિવારમાં તેમનો જન્મ થયો હતો. જૂનાગઢના એ સમયે અંગ્રેજી શિક્ષણની સગવડ ન હોવાને કારણે તેમને અંગ્રેજી ભાષાનું જ્ઞાન ન હતું પણ પાછળથી તેમણે ખપ પૂરતું અંગ્રેજી જાણી લીધું હતું.

Under Modi, democracy is regressing and economy is also growing slowly

By Avyaan Sharma*   India is "the largest democracy in the world", but now its democracy is regressing and its economy is also growing slowly. What has PM Modi's ten years in power brought us? Unemployment remains high. Joblessness is particularly high among India's youth - with those aged 15 to 29 making up a staggering 83% of all unemployed people in India, according to the "India Employment Report 2024", published last month by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Institute of Human Development (IHD). The BJP-led government did not provide jobs to two crore youth in a year as was promised by Modi in the run up to the 2014 general elections.

नफरती बातें: मुसलमानों में असुरक्षा का भाव बढ़ रहा है, वे अपने मोहल्लों में सिमट रहे हैं

- राम पुनियानी*  भारत पर पिछले 10 सालों से हिन्दू राष्ट्रवादी भारतीय जनता पार्टी (भाजपा) राज कर रही है. भाजपा आरएसएस परिवार की सदस्य है और आरएसएस का लक्ष्य है हिन्दू राष्ट्र का निर्माण. आरएसएस से जुड़ी सैंकड़ों संस्थाएँ हैं. उसके लाखों, बल्कि शायद, करोड़ों स्वयंसेवक हैं. इसके अलावा कई हजार वरिष्ठ कार्यकर्ता हैं जिन्हें प्रचारक कहा जाता है. भाजपा के सत्ता में आने के बाद से आरएसएस दुगनी गति से हिन्दू राष्ट्र के निर्माण के अपने एजेण्डे को पूरा करने में जुट गया है. यदि भाजपा को चुनावों में लगातार सफलता हासिल हो रही है तो उसका कारण है देश में साम्प्रदायिकता और साम्प्रदायिक मुद्दों का बढ़ता बोलबाला. इनमें से कुछ हैं राम मंदिर, गौमांस और गोवध एवं लव जिहाद. 

Laxmanpur Bathe massacre: Perfect example of proto-fascist Brahmanical social order

By Harsh Thakor  The massacre at Laxmanpur-Bathe of Jehanabad in Bihar on the night of 1 December in 1997 was a landmark event with distinguishing features .The genocide rightly shook the conscience of the nation in the 50th year of Indian independence. The scale of the carnage was unparalleled in any caste massacre. It was a perfect manifestation of how in essence the so called neo-liberal state was in essence most autocratic. 

रैंकिंग: अधिकांश भारतीय विश्वविद्यालयों का स्तर बहुत गिरा, इस साल भी यह गिरवाट जारी

- प्रमोद रंजन*  अप्रैल, 2024 में भारतीय विश्वविद्यालयों की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर उच्च रैंकिंग की चर्चा रही। मीडिया ने इसका उत्सव मनाया। लेकिन स्थिति इसके विपरीत है। वैश्विक विश्वविद्यालय रैंकिग में अच्छा स्थान मिलने की खबरें, कुछ संस्थानों को इक्का-दुक्का विषयों में मिले रैंक के आधार पर चुनिंदा ढंग से प्रकाशित की गईं थीं। वास्तविकता यह है कि हाल के वर्षों में हमारे अधिकांश विश्वविद्यालयों का स्तर बहुत गिर गया है। इस साल भी यह गिरवाट जारी रही है।

प्राचीन भारत के लोकायत संप्रदाय ने कुछ परजीवियों की खूब खबर ली: प्रमुख प्रस्थापनायें

- राणा सिंह   भारत में परजीवियों का एक विशाल समूह है जो बोलता है कि “सब कुछ माया है”,  लेकिन व्यवहार में यह समूह सारी जिंदगी इसी “माया” के पीछे पागल रहता है।  प्राचीन भारत के लोकायत संप्रदाय ने इन परजीवियों की खूब खबर ली थी।

नोएडा में मैन्युअल स्कैवेंजर्स की मौत: परिवारों को मुआवजा नहीं, प्राधिकरण ने एफआईआर नहीं की

- अरुण खोटे, संजीव कुमार*  गत एक सप्ताह में, उत्तर प्रदेश में सीवर/सेप्टि क टैंक सफाई कर्मियों की सफाई के दौरान सेप्टिक टैंक में मौत। 2 मई, 2024 को, लखनऊ के वज़ीरगजं क्षेत्र में एक सेवर लाइन की सफाई करते समय शोब्रान यादव, 56, और उनके पत्रु सशुील यादव, 28, घटुन से हुई मौत। एक और घटना 3 मई 2024 को नोएडा, सेक्टर 26 में एक घर में सेप्टि क टैंक को सफाई करते समय दो सफाई कर्मचर्मारी नूनी मडंल, 36 और कोकन मडंल जिसे तपन मडंल के नाम से जानते हैं, की मौत हो गई। ये सफाई कर्मचर्मारी बंगाल के मालदा जिले के निवासी थे और नोएडा सेक्टर 9 में रहते थे। कोकन मडंल अपनी पत्नी अनीता मडंल के साथ रहते थे। इनके तीन स्कूल जाने वाले बच्चे हैं जो बंगाल में रहते हैं। नूनी मडंल अपनी पत्नी लिलिका मडंल और अपने पत्रु सजुान के साथ किराए पर झग्गी में रहते थे। वे दैनिक मजदरूी और सफाई कर्मचर्मारी के रूप में काम करते थे।

दाँव उल्टा पड़ा: राहुल गांधी के रूप में हम एक साधारण इंसान को नायक होते देख रहे हैं

-  अमिता नीरव  संघ औऱ बीजेपी ने राहुल गाँधी पर जो सोचकर ‘इन्वेस्ट’ किया था, उसके परिणाम गंभीर रूप से नुकसानदेह आ रहे हैं। ये थोड़ी अटपटी बात लग सकती है, लेकिन सोचिएगा कि संघ और बीजेपी ने राहुल गाँधी को जितना गंभीरता से लिया, उनकी संभावनाओं को लेकर वे जितना श्योर थे, उतना तो खुद राहुल और कांग्रेस भी नहीं थी।

बिहार के ऐतिहासिक विक्रमशिला विश्वविद्यालय के खंडहरों की परिक्रमा का रोमांचक अवसर

- सुमन्त शरण  कुछ दिन पहले एक सुदूर ग्रामीण अंचल (पीरपैंती)  से तकरीबन डेढ़-दो घंटे की दूरी पर अवस्थित ऐतिहासिक बौद्ध विक्रमशिला विश्वविद्यालय (के अवशेषों) की परिक्रमा का अवसर मिला। विक्रमशीला विश्वविद्यालय की स्थापना पाल वंश के राजा धर्मपाल ने की थी। 8वीं शताब्दी से 12वीं शताब्दी के अंत तक यह विश्वविद्यालय भारत के प्रमुख शिक्षा केंद्रों में से एक हुआ करता था। कहा जाता है कि यह अपने कुछेक अत्यंत अनूठे नवाचार के चलते उस समय नालंदा विश्वविद्यालय का सबसे बड़ा प्रतिस्पर्धी था। हालांकि, मान्यता यह भी है कि अल्प अवधि के लिए दोनों विश्वविद्यालय के बीच शिक्षण एवं प्रबंधन के क्षेत्रों में घनिष्ठ पारस्परिक संबंध एवं शिक्षकों के आदान-प्रदान का सिलसिला भी रहा था। यह विश्वविद्यालय तंत्रशास्त्र की पढ़ाई के लिए सबसे ज्यादा विख्यात था। इस विषय का एक सबसे विख्यात छात्र अतीसा दीपनकरा था, जो बाद में तिब्बत जाकर बौद्ध हो गया। इसके प्रथम कुलपति ज्ञान अतिस थे।