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Israel mercilessly continues to mortally wound Palestinians, but faces heroic resistance

By Harsh Thakor* 

The State of Israel has left no stone unturned in attacking the Palestinian people since the Jenin offensive and inflicting the same mortal blows. So far this year more than 200 Palestinians have been killed in repeated Israeli attacks on Palestinian towns and villages. The State of Israel has killed 31 Palestinian children so far this year in the Occupied West Bank, and another six in the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli attacks against Palestine are an everday occurrence, since the escalation of the counter-attacks of the Palestinian National Liberation groups against Israeli settlers. In addition to the murders of Palestinians by settlers, the settlers have inflicted damage through destruction operations of the properties and farms of the Palestinian people Nowadays, there are more than 751,000 settlers residing in occupied West Bank.
While Israel is bombarding the people of Palestine with no respite whatsoever, it still receives abundant financial support from other imperialist countries, mainly US and Germany. On August 18th, US accepted the Israeli sell of air defence missiles, Arrow A3, to Germany for $3.5 billions. Without the patronising of imperialist countries Israel would never have been able to embark on it’s merciless, expansionist course.

Israeli Actions

Israeli settlers have attacked two Palestinian villages recently: on Friday 4th of August they attacked the village of Burqa, south-east of Ramallah, murdering a teenager with a shot to his neck and wounding two others with rocks, and burning several vehicles.
On Saturday 5th of August another group of settlers attacked the village of Et-Tevane at the south of Hebron, also in the Occupied West Bank. When the villagers confronted the settlers, Israeli troops blew tear gas and fired rubber bullets, shooting at Palestinian vehicles and also arresting one villager. On Sunday 6th of August Israeli special forces ambushed a car with three Palestinians inside, arrested them and then opened fire killing all the people of the vehicle,at Arraba, near Jenin. After the action, they prevented ambulances from operating paving way for the death of the three Palestinians.
The Israeli attacks against Palestine are an everyday occurrence, since the escalation of the counter-attacks of the Palestinian National Liberation groups against Israeli settlers. In addition to the murders of Palestinians by settlers, the settlers have inflcted damage through destruction operations of the properties and farms of the Palestinian people Nowadays, there are more than 751,000 settlers residing in occupied West Bank.
On Monday 19th August, an illegal Israeli settler was executed by an operation of the National Liberation Movement. Immediately, the leaders of the settlers in West Bank demanded the reactionary Government of Netanyahu “to act immediately and resounding to end Palestinian terrorism”. Next day, on Tuesday 22nd August, the Israeli Army retaliated, detaining 50 Palestinians and murdered one. Source: Palestine TV
In the view of Palestinian Prisoners Club: “This campaign of arrests is considered one of the largest since the beginning of the year (…) systematic abuse, severe beatings of detainees and their families, threats, and vandalism”. They also substantiated that the majority of the arrested had been previously imprisoned in Israeli jails, illustrating that the purpose f the detentions were to terrorise the political groups supporting the national liberation of Palestine.
On August 8th Israeli forces demolished the home of a Palestinian in the refugee camp of Nablus after he allegedly played a key role in the killing of two Israeli settlers last February. During the Israeli aggression 60 Palestinians neighbours – including 20 children – were detained which led to an intense duel between the people of the refugee camp and the Israeli army. 185 people needed medical attention because of gas suffocation and six Palestinians were wounded, one of them by live ammunition.
During the past two weeks, raids have been an everyday affair. On August 10Th Israeli forces killed a fighter of the National Liberation Movement in a raid near Nablus. Later they assassinated two young Palestinian men in a raid in the refugee camp raid of Jericho on August 15th. On August 16th the Israel army assaulted in the refugee camp of Nablus and blew up a building. The resident of the building says in a declaration that they could not even get their ID card or the school bags. “We are now homeless” said one evicted father. This aggression was undertaken because a man wanted by Israel lived there. More than 80 Palestinians became tear gas victims and needed medical attention and dozens were injured. Later that day, Israeli soldiers’ unleashed tear gas against Palestinians in the eastern part of the city.
On August 17th, Israeli forces launched another assault against one fighter of the National Liberation Movement assassinating him.. The father of the fighter stated that he was hunted by Israeli authorities immediately after he was released from an Israeli jail six months ago. Source: Al Jazeera

Palestinian Counter Attack

In spite of the State of Israel brutally attacking the Palestinian people, the latter have been heroically defending itself and retaliating with death defying courage , to cage the enemy at it’s strongest points and to create shivers down the spine of the bloodthirsty Israeli forces.. Several actions were undertaken resisting illegal Israeli settlements: the first of these was in the illegal settlement of Maale Adumim in the Occupied West Bank on Tuesday 1st of August when a member of the Palestinian resistance shot and wounded six Israeli settlers and then was killed.
Several marches have also been staged against illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank: on Friday 4th of August a march was held in Kufur Qaddoum against the Israeli settlement called “Kedumin”. The march ended with clashes sparkling between Palestinian youth and the Israeli troops who shot and wounded two young men with live ammunition, and many others with tear gas and stun grenades. On Saturday 5th of August there was another march against another illegal Israeli settlement in Beit Dajan, near Nablus. Israeli troops injured several protesters unleashing merciless violence.
The Palestinian people are not only facing the bloodthirsty State of Israel, but also the Palestinian Authority (PA) led by Mahmoud Abbas who endorses Israelis in repressing their own people. PA security forces killed one Palestinian and wounded another in Jenin on Saturday 5th of August. Source: IMEMC
The fighters of the Palestinian national resistance movement are not just protesting the penetration of illegal settlements or resisting the attacks but also attacking Israeli State territory, specifically Tel Aviv: On Saturday 5th of August a member of the Palestinian resistance shot and wounded three Israeli settlers, but was subsequently killed by Israeli troops after this action. Another remarkable action of the Palestinian resistance is the infiltration of several of its members within the ranks of the Israeli intelligence forces, specifically in the Shin Bet and the Mossad, executing t the detection and elimination of several Israeli agents.
A classical example of how in history every oppressor has to face retaliation, reminding one of David confronting the Goliath and how even the most merciless enemy cannot suppress the simmering of dissent or counter resistance of the people. Unfortunate that the Palestinian resistance has not ben crystallised into a cohesive unit or force.
*Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist who has studied liberation movements



देशव्यापी ग्रामीण भारत बंध में उतरे मध्य प्रदेश के आदिवासी, किया केंद्र सरकार का विरोध

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